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Day1 Arrive Ulaan Baatar

Arrive in Ulaan Baatar at any time.

Day2 Ulaan Baatar

As the city used to be a Russian protectorate, much of the architectural styles remain alongside traditional Mongolian gers (tents) and modern shops. You have free time to explore the Museum of Natural History with its dinosaur exhibits, the Choijin Lama Temple Museum with displays of Buddhist artifacts, or perhaps the Ganden Monastery, the most important in the country.

Day3 Horbund

Head south through the steppe to Horbund where we visit the ruins of an ancient monastery. See gazelle, cranes, and eagles in the surrounding countryside.

Day4-5 Yolyn Am

Visit the restored Monastery of Ongi Khidd on the way to the Flaming Cliffs area made famous for the fossils and dinosaur eggs discovered there in recent years. Yolyn Am, the Vultures Mouth is an incredible gorge in the desert. Hike deep into the gorge to where ice remains, even in summer.

Day6-7 Gobi Desert

Travelling through the desert we get to explore some of the largest dunes in the Gobi.

Day8 Guvchin-Us

We head north through beautiful mountains for our first family stay (or camping). Literally meaning dirty water, Guvchin-Us is a small rural town.

Day9 Karakorum

We visit the ancient capital city and beautiful Erdene Zuu Monastery.

Day10 Tsensher hotsprings

Relax in the hot spring water at the ger camp or hike the nearby hills.

Day11-12 Great White Lake

Continue across the green hills to Great White Lake. This natural volcanic lake surrounded by rocky mountains provides a surreal landscape in Khorgo. Climb up to one of the peaks for spectacular views of the nearby area.

Day13 Grasslands (Shine Inder)

Our drive takes us deep into the steppe to really experience the nomad life as we head towards Khovsgol Lake

Day14-16 Khovsgol Lake

Journey through emerald green grasslands dotted with the white 'gers' (traditional tents) of nomads to the pure waters and pristine wilderness of Khovsgol Lake. Swim in the icy waters or hike through the nearby forests.

Day17-18 Selenge River

Soak in the beautiful surroundings of the picturesque Selenge River region.

Day19 Khustai National Park

Khustai National Park is home to the wild Takhi horses, the last truly wild horses in the world.

Day20 Ulaan Bataar

Head back to the capital through the grasslands to explore Ulaan Baatar once again.

Day21 Depart Ulaan Bataar


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