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Happy Camel grew out of a long experience of travelling in Mongolia and meeting many Mongolians. When Bernard Verhaegen first arrived in 1996 as agricultural engineer, he learned how society lived and worked.

In 1999, with the support of Francis de Beir, he formed a bread baking company which is well known by tourist and the expat which is ?Chez Bernard? Caf? ? Tea Room. As many tourists asked for tours, advice and logistical support, the idea rapidly came to enlarge the range of activities. Happy Camel was formed in 2001 in order to fulfil the dreams of the curious adventurer.

Today we have a dedicated Happy Camel - team of translators, guides, drivers and other contacts throughout the country who will be happy to assist you while travelling in Mongolia. Also we have at our disposal all the needed equipment and infrastructure to offer our guest an adequate logistical support. To be in the heat of the action, our main office is located in Ulaanbaatar. We also have a contact person in Europe.

Happy Camel aims to offer its guests a great experience of expedition travel where ?en rout? meetings and actions differentiate its tours from others. We are aware of the consequences tourism can have on a country, all our tours are organised with due respect for people, culture and nature.

In 2004 Happy Camel organised the first Gobi Kite Expedition ( The 3 buggiers covered more than 1000 km in a period of 17 days. The expedition was a real success.

Surf around our web site to learn more about what Happy Camel can offer you and don't hesitate to Contact Us for any further information.



The Staff of Happy Camel


Travel & Trips to Mongolia - Bernard van der Haegen

Bernard Verhaegen graduated as Agricultural Engineer from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) in 1994. After his studies he travelled for one year through India, Nepal and Tibet. From 1996 until 1998 he worked in Mongolia as engineer for several development organisations. Through his many fields missions he acquired a good understanding of the Mongolian people, their culture and their economy. Throughout the years he learned the local language he speaks today without any problem. In 1999, with the help of Francis de Beir, he founded the bread making company and the well-known ?Chez Bernard? Caf? ? Tea Room. Expansion went on and in 2001 he founded Happy Camel.




Travel & Trips to Mongolia - Francis de Beir

Francis de Beir graduated as Doctor of Law from the University of Ghent. He made a career in the textile business. He advised us a lot while creating Happy Camel and still today he's a good source of help.




Tuya Mongolian woman girl





Travel & Trips to Mongolia - Otgon

Otgon, born in Zavkhan Aimag moved with her parents to Khatgal where she grew up along the shores of the Hovsgol Lake. In 1996 she entered the Mongolian National University in Ulaanbaatar where she studied Russian, English and German for 4 years. After her graduation in 2000 she spend 1 year in Germany improving her languages. Today she's working as manager of Happy Camel's ?Budget Travel? branch.




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