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Chinggis Khaan's Imperial Guard

This festival is specifically organized to introduce foreign guests to the history and traditions of the Mongolian Empire. The guest will learn about the Great Chinggis Khaan, other kings and queens, nobles, warriors and nomadic people that lived in the 13th century.

chengiss khaan

Over 100 Mongolian warriors clad in traditional Mongolian armor dating back to the 13th century and supported by over 200 blacksmiths, costume makers, scientist and historians recount the history of the time of the Great Mongols. The festival also included an introduction to the Mongolian nomadic culture, the Mongolian traditional games (wrestling, horse racing and archery), an offering ceremony to the ovoo and the "Open Fire Feast.

chengiss khan

The festival provides a great opportunity to witness the summoning of ancestral spirits by Mongolian shamans and learn more about shaman dances and customs. Shamanism is one of the world's oldest belief systems. Shamanism is still very much present in Mongolian people's life.


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