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Mongolia has several beautiful festivals and celebrations. They have kept the fantastic Naadam Festival and Tsagaan Sar (White Month) Celebration for centuries. They have also several smaller fantastic festivals to preserve traditional Mongolian heritage.

  • The age old Mongolian festivals and celebrations:

The Naadam festival

Date: July 11-12,

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Tsagaan Sar or Mongolian new Year festival

Date: February 4-5,

Location: Countrywide

  • Smaller festivals:

The Yak festival

Date: August 1-2,

Location: xxx

The Camel festival

Date: February 15-16,

Location: Dalanzadgad

The Eagle festival

Date: October 4-5,

Location: Bayan Olgii

The Ice festival

Date: August 15-23,

Location: Hovsgol

Gobi Naadam Festival

Date: February 21-23,

Location: Khongoriin Else Sand Dunes

The Mongolian nomad festival

Date: September 17-18,

Location: Gun-Galuut nature reserve

Tsaatan People Festival

Date: June 28-30,

Location: Gun-Galuut nature reserve

Ceremony of the Summoning of Spirits of Great Chinggis Khaan's Imperial Guard

Date: September 17-18,

Location: Gorkhi-Terelj national park

National Costume Festival

Date: August 18,

Location: Ulaanbaatar


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