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Western Mongolia and the Gobi Desert


bayan olgii ulgii


Detailed Map

Short Tours Description

Day 1: Karakorum

Day 2: Tsenger Hotwater Springs and Baths

Day 3: Tsetserleg and the White Lake

Day 4: Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur and Khorgo Uul Vulcano

Day 5: Telmen Lake

Day 6: Uliastai and Otgontenger Mountain

Day 7: Bayan Nuur Lake and Bor Khyarin Els Sand Dunes

Day 8: Airag and Khyargas Lakes

Day 9: Extra Relaxing at the Lakes and Camel Riding

Day 10: Ulaangom and Kharkharaa Mountains

Day 11: Uureg Lake

Day 12: Achit Lake

Day 13: Olgii (Ulgii)

Day 14: Namarjin Valley and the Tsambagarav Mountain

Day 15: Khovd, Bayangol Valley and Khar Us Lake

Day 16: Tsenkheriin Agui Cave

Day 17: Davri

Day 18: Altai

Day 19: Boon Tsagaan Nuur Lake

Day 20: Orog lake

Day 21: Cave Drawings and Petroglyphs

Day 22: Khongoriin Els Sand Dunes

Day 23: Yoliin and Dungenee Am, the Eagle Gorges or Vulture Mouth

Day 24: Sangiin Dalai Nuur, Khukh Burd and Ongiin Monastery

Day 25: Bag Gazrin Chuluu and Delgeriin Chior Monastery

Day 26: Drive back to Ulaanbaatar


Optional Day: Tovkhon Monastery and Orkhon Water Falls

Optional Day: 2 days trip to Khoton and Khukh an Lakes on the way to the Tavan Bogd Mountain

1 or 2 Optional Day: Overnight in a Khazak Eagle Hunters Family

Optional Day: Tolboo Lake

Optional Day: 3 days trip to Eej Khairhan Mountain

Optional Day: Tsagaan Agui Cave, Cave Drawings and Petroglyphs


Detailed Tours Description

Click here for a detailed tour description.


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Trip Duration

26 + 6 optional days

Places to Visit

Kazakh Culture * Kharkhorin * Great Lake Depression * Volcanic Lake * Monasteries * Horseback riding * Museums * Fishing * Hiking * Camping * Snow-Capped Mountain Peaks * Sand Dunes

Departures Date

If you are a group on your own, departures are whenever you wish.

If your are looking for other people to join you, we can have a look at the demands we had. Maybe we can help you to find some travel companions to make the trip with you. This is however not easy because each person has different dates and wishes. The easiest is to be a group on your own.

If you travel alone and want to join a group, we offer fixed tour departures those days:

Group Size

2 to 12 people

Normally the group size is a minimum of two people per trip. However if some people desire to travel alone, we can book the tour for a single person. The price will be 75% of the price for a 2 person tour.


We offer 3 different price categories for our tours:

  • Budget Trips: tented camp, cook, food, guide, Russian mini van

  • Normal Trips: ger camp stay with food, guide, Russian mini van

  • Luxury Trips: ger camp stay with food, guide, Japanese jeep

Please contact us for the updated prices. We offer special discount prices for off season tours.


Depending on the tour you book and the service you want to have during your trip, you will overnight in ger camps or tented camps. Family stay is always possible.

  • Gers Camp. Gers from Ger Camp are the traditional felt tents of nomadic herders. Each ger is furnished with a wood stove and beautifully painted furniture such as beds, a table and stools. Gers are based on double occupancy. Each ger camp has its restaurant, western style toilet and hot water showers. Most visitors find their stay in gers, which provide an authentic taste of Mongolian culture and adventure, their most enjoyable experience in Mongolia.

  • Tented Camp is a camp build on a nice spot. The travellers will sleep in Western style tents. We will however do our best to offer you the best available service. We pride ourselves on the level of comfort we provide while camping in these remote areas, but camping is not for everyone. It is important to remain open-minded and physically willing.

  • Family stay is an experience a traveller to Mongolia should experience. You can tell us in advance exactly where you want to have a family stay during your trip, or, if you do not like to plan to much in advance, the driver and the guide can organise a family stay while travelling. If you plan to have an overnight in a Mongolian Nomadic family, you should take sleeping bags and matrasses with you. So please tell us in advance of you are planning to overnight in a family so that we can provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Included in the Trip Price

Transport within Mongolia (Russian Army jeep, mini van or Japanese jeep+ Fuel)

Full pension in the countryside


Ger camp stay

Camping equipment if described in itinerary

All support staff including driver, translator, camp assistants

All excursions, entrance fees as described in the itinerary

Not Included in the Trip Price

Passport and visa costs

International transport

Transfer between the airport and the hotel

Medical and trip insurance

Airport taxes, excess baggage charges, evacuation costs

Extra drinks


Telephone calls

Items of personal nature

Other items not specifically mentioned as included

Bike and spare parts of bike

Sleeping bag, inflatable mattress

Fishing equipment

Services in Ulaanbaatar City

Service in Ulaanbaatar

Please click here for more information about services in Ulaanbaatar.



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