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You love 4X4 Off Road adventure or you want to experience the freedom of driving a jeep yourself over vast fence free areas. Take the seldom explored paths through the expanses of the legendary Gobi Desert, drive along the breathtaking rolling hills of Central Mongolia and cross various rivers. Live Mongolia the way no other means will offer you.

On the road explore the grounds of mystical cities, age olds monasteries and ancient monuments. Socialize and enjoy the hospitality of the Mongolian nomads. Try the local barbecue and spend an evening with nomads to experience the traditional way of living of remote families

Those unbelievable expeditions offer the adventurous 4WD driver the opportunity to experience the true meaning of 4X4 Off Road journeys. Well-organised logistical supports make our tours accessible to most.



We offer following Off Road expeditions:

You want to experience 4X4 Off Road adventure with friends. Make up a group and drive on the trails of ?Camel Trophy '97, Mongolia?. The staff of ?Happy Camel? will be glad to supply the logistical support.

Departure dates are not fixed, trip schedules are. To provide the adventurous 4WD drivers with the maximum of comfort we remain flexible and adapt trips if asked.

In Ulaanbaatar you will enjoy the flexibility of a half pension. In the countryside you will be offered a full pension service with adequate logistical support.

If you are interested in just renting a Land Cruiser without driver and fuel, here are the prices for self driving



We offer following four wheel off road driving expeditions:

15 day - Your 4X4 Off Road Adventure In Central Mongolia, Hovsgol Lake and the Northern Gobi

All tours can be customised.



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