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He Buggiers!!!

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In 2004 the first kite buggy expedition in Mongolia took place. With the logistical support of ?Happy Camel?, Brian, Peter and Kerion buggied for 17 days over more than 1000 km across the Gobi, from Altai to Dalandzadgad. With winds blowing mostly from the West, the expedition was a real success. They reached maximum speeds of up to 55 km per hour.

Buggies were specially designed by Kerion for the hard Gobi terrain conditions. Terrain was not always flat, but was sometimes dotted with larger stones or bushes.

The buggies were designed with a wide back axe and special suspensions were mounted on the back axe making the driving over hard terrain more easy.

In addition to their 3 buggies, they had a large amount of spare wheels (which were not used) and 3 spare buggies. The spare buggies seemed to be a good idea as Kerion had his back axes pulled apart while driving in rough terrain.

The engine pulling the buggies was a wide range of kites. Each person of the team had his own set of kites going from the very small ones of 1,5 square meters up to the larger ones of 7 square meters. The larger ones seemed to be useless due to their slow motion.

As Brian pointed out, ?There is no better place on earth for buggying. Large open spaces, totally fence free, unpopulated, with a constant western wind blowing over the relatively flat, with gravel dotted Gobi area.?

For more details on their expedition, you can have a look at their web page or contact Brian at

In 2006 we had another Kite Buggy expedition, this time from Holland.

As crossing the Gobi by kite buggy seemed to be a success, and that the better and worse parts of the trip were sorted out during this first expedition, we decided to organise from 2005 on a smaller version of the Gobi kiting. It is a 2 weeks incredible buggy experience in the Gobi Desert. Bring your own kites and we provide the buggies designed as for the expedition of 2004.

Join this expedition for a one time in life adventure.



We offer following kite buggy expeditions:

15 days - Crossing the Gobi Desert by Kite Buggy

All tours can be customised.



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