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Trans-Siberian Train

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You are planning to travel through Asia. One of the best ways to achieve this is by train, from Moscow to Beijing. It is the longest and most famous railway journey in the world. It will take you five and a half days to cover the more than 7500 km train journey.

transsiberiantrain map

During this trip, first visit Moscow. Board the train and travel to the world famous Baikal Lake. Get of the train at Irkutsk. Visit Siberia�s capital city. Drive to the Listvyanka Settlement located on the shores of the Baikal Lake. Observe the lake�s shores from a boat. Spend the night in a cottage house located along the lake and, in the early morning, admire the sunrise above the lake.

In the evening board the train in Irkutsk and arrive next morning in Ulan-Ude, capital city of Buriat Republic. In Ulan-Ude, visit the town and the Ivolginsky Datsan Buddhist Monastery located not for from the town.

After 24 hours in Ulan-Ude board the train once again, this time for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Get of in this legendary town and book a trip to the Mongolian countryside. Visit a family and see how traditional nomadic people live. Don�t forget the �Khorkhog�, the traditional Mongolian barbeque. It is simply delicious.

After your experience in Mongolia, board the train for Beijing. En route you�ll have a great view on the Chinese Wall. After one an a half day, get of in this immense Chinese town. Have a walk on the Tian'anmen Square and admire the greatness of the Forbidden City.

! This trip is a once in your lifetime experience !

The Train Timetable of the Trans Siberian Train (TST), the Trans Mongolian Train and the Trans Manchurian Train

Train # From To Departure Date Departure Time Arrival Date Arrival Time
1 Vladivostok Moscow Odd Days 10:30 6 days later 13:12
2 Moscow Vladivostok Odd Days 17:16 5 days later 08:52
3 Beijing Moscow Wednesday 07:40 Monday 14:28
3 Beijing Irkutsk Saturday 07:40 2 days later 14:25
4 Moscow Beijing Tuesday 21:35 Monday 14:31
4 Irkutsk Beijing Saturday 06:04 Monday 14:39
5 Ulaanbaatar Moscow Tuesday 13:50 Saturday 14:28
6 Moscow Ulaanbaatar Wednesday 21:35 Monday 07:30
9 Irkutsk Moscow Odd Days 16:25 3 days later 16:42
9 Irkutsk Ekaterinburg Odd Days 16:25 2 days later 16:01
10 Moscow Irkutsk Even Dates 23:25 4 days later 09:13
10 Ekaterinburg Irkutsk Even Dates 03:52 2 days later 09:13
15 Ekaterinburg Moscow Every Day 09:18 1 day later 09:25
16 Moscow Ekaterinburg Every Day 16:08 1 day later 20:12
19 Beijing Moscow Saturday 22:56 Friday 17:59
19 Beijing Irkutsk Saturday 22:56 Tuesday 18:16
20 Moscow Beijing Friday 23:55 Friday 05:00
20 Irkutsk Beijing Tuesday 19:18 Friday 05:20
23 Beijing Ulaanbaatar Saturday 07:40 Saturday 13:20
24 Ulaanbaatar Beijing Thursday 08:05 Friday 14:35
363 Ulaanbaatar Irkutsk Every Day 18:46 2 days later 07:58
364 Irkutsk Ulaanbaatar Every Day 21:00 2 days later 07:00
0 Ulaanbaatar Jining Mon., Fri 20:00 1 day later 21:00
0 Jining Beijing Mon., Fri 23:00 1 day later 07:00

Bus Service between Ulaanbatar and Beijing

Train #23 Beijing to Ulaanbaatar departs on Tuesdays until 27th May 2008 and is run by Chinese Railways. From 7th June 2008 train #23 switches departure to Saturdays and is run by Mongolian railways. Chinese Railways will operate an extra service departing Beijing on Tuesdays during the peak summer months and returning from Ulaanbaatar on Friday (probably until 20 October 2009).

Train #24 Ulaanbaatar to Beijing departs on Thursdays year round and is run by Chinese Railways until 28th May 2008. After this date it is run by Mongolian railways. Chinese Railways will operate an extra service departing Ulaanbaatar on Fridays during the peak summer months (probably until 20 October 2009).

Train #3 & #4 do not pass through Mongolia.

Bus Service between Ulaanbatar and Beijing

Railway Stations in Beijing

Railway Stations in Moscow

Train between China & Mongolia

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Bus Service Irkutsk - Ulaanbaatar

Bus Service Ulanbatar - Beijing


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